Many pet owners really feel for their dogs when they see them trying to get some sleep in the evenings, but they are being pestered by a swarm of mosquitoes. Often these pet owners want to use a proprietary mosquito repellent for dogs. There are several special types of mosquito repellent for dogs and you will see some of them on these pages.
Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

Isn’t it awful to see mosquitoes pestering your dog as it is trying to sleep? One solution is to get a specialist mosquito repellent for dogs.

If you want, you can just put Deet or any other spray on them that humans use, but it is not good for animals because they lick themselves clean. Deet tastes awful, but it cannot be good for an animal to have a quantity of it in its stomach.

Therefore, it is better to use some kind of natural mosquito repellent for dogs. A vet or a pet store can help you choose which one is right for you or you could just try a few natural kinds of mosquito repellent for dogs.

Mosquitoes hate anything that smells like lemons, so you could place a citronella plant by your dog’s basket. If he is going walk-about or outside you could rub lemon juice into his muzzle and around the base of his tail.

A word of warning though, these forms of mosquito repellent for dogs do not last long, so it will have to be re-applied every 30-60 minutes.
Indoor Mosquito Repellent

Most forms of mosquito repellent are suitable for indoor use. However, if you do not like sprays and the like, you could try more natural kinds of indoor mosquito repellent. For example, you could try growing citronella on the window cills of windows that you often leave open. If you grow citronella in pots, you can move this very effective natural indoor mosquito repellent from window to window.
Natural Mosquito Repellent

There are various kinds of natural mosquito repellent that peoples’ around the world recommend. Some kinds of natural mosquito repellent may only work in one region or country others may work everywhere. Some examples of a natural mosquito repellent are lemon juice, lemon grass and citronella, all of which smell like lemons which mosquitoes seem not to be able to tolerate.
Natural Tick Repellent

There are plants that are considered to be a natural tick repellent, but most people still think that DEET is the only truly effective solution. However, some people would rather use a natural tick repellent that does not contain the chemical DEET. If you would like to try a natural tick repellent on yourself or on your dog (but not cat), you could try Rose Geranium or American Pennyroyal, which is also called tickweed. Try to obtain the essential oils of these plants.
Insect Repellent Clothing

Insect repellent clothing is not a new idea, but it is more popular now than ever before. Most of the insect repellent clothing on the market today is impregnated with permethrin which is a water-resistant contact killer of insects. This means that the insect repellent clothing that has been treated with permethrin will kill insects that land on it, but will not necessarily stop insects buzzing around you.


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