You as the owner of a new puppy must first learn how to house train a puppy if you plan to give the pup the run of the house. This can be a daunting task with some pups.

Some dogs are more hardheaded than others learning not to relieve themselves on the carpet and floors of your house. There are different methods for doing this task and understanding them will help you in your efforts.

Traditional Method

The traditional answer on how to house train a puppy is the standard laying newspapers out and hoping the puppy learns to use them for potty time. Also, this takes a lot of watching on the owner’s part to catch the puppy’s mistakes.

Along with this, the owner must take the puppy outside many times during the day, so it can learn to potty in the yard. The best times of the day to take the puppy out is right after it eats and drinks, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. After all, the paper training is only for the times in between these outdoor times. This method is fine if you have the time and patience to do this. It has been effective in the past and still is. One note of caution if you are letting the puppy roam the house during the day, you might want to confine it to one area at night or when you are not home.

Confinement Method

The confinement method of how to house train a puppy can be done in a variety of ways. One way that is used a lot is placing the puppy in a specific area of the house. This could be a bathroom or utility room. Somewhere with no carpeting for sure, and lay out newspapers. Then the puppy does not have run of the house. It is easier to keep up with the accidents this way without your carpeting getting damaged. In between being confined in the room, the puppy should be taken outside to play and possible potty. Gradually the puppy learns that outside is the place to potty not the house. Another type of this containment method is crate training. This is discussed in the next section in detail.

Crate Training

Crate training is probably the newest method for house training a puppy being used today. The theory is that puppies will not soil where they sleep. Therefore, they learn quite quickly not to soil their crates. A crate is just a cage for the puppy to call home. (Before you think this is mean, dogs actually grow to love their crates.) You can buy these crates at your local pet shops or pet-supply stores. Make sure to have one large enough for the puppy to stand up and turn around. A blanket and a couple of toys can also be placed in it. No food or water should be placed inside the crate. This will keep the puppy from making a mess with it as happens sometimes with puppies. Also, you can regulate when they need to go outside a bit better this way.

After it has eaten and before you put the puppy in the crate, take it outside to go potty. This is an important part of how to house train a puppy. Then place it in the crate and lock the door. Chances are it will whine at first do not immediately take it out of the crate. Give it awhile to get used to the idea. You can even place the crate in the room you are in to make it feel it is not all alone.

Each time you take the puppy out of the crate take it immediately outside to potty. Then when you bring it in, let it eat and drink something if it wants. Then you can play with it some before again taking it outside to go to potty, so it can go back into its crate. The puppy soon learns that the only correct place to go potty is outdoors in the grass. Also, he will soon love to go into his crate to sleep.

Eventually when you know the puppy is fully house trained, you can start leaving the door to the crate open. The pup will come and go as he pleases then. There still might be times when you are going to be away that you might want to lock him in just to make sure no accidents occur. Crate training is an extremely easy answer to how to house train a puppy.

Things Not to Do

There are some things you should not do when house breaking a puppy. They are:

Yell at the puppy for having an accident in the house
Swat it with rolled up newspaper
Rub its nose in its urine or feces
These things will just upset the puppy and possibly be counterproductive to how to house train a puppy. Just clean up the accident and go on loving your pup.

Puppy Pads

There are puppy pads today that you can use in place of newspaper in the above methods of house training. These are pads made of absorbent materials with a plastic back. This way the floor does not get wet or stained. Some even have a scent that encourages the puppies or dogs to use them.

Although, the answer to how to house train a puppy can try your patience eventually you will be successful. You will be able to let the dog romp and play in the house without worrying about accidents.

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